Súla / Northern Gannet

May 18, 2015.

Posted by Una Sigurðardóttir.

Súla / Northern Gannet
Morus Bassanus

VERÐ: 6800 ISK – PRICE: 45 EUR

156743-f3c3d36b96614536af93409d130e481cThis Northern Gannet is handcrafted by Rósa Valtingojer. The Northern Gannet is made of ceramics and iron in the legs. Every bird is unique, hand formed, painted with precision and glazed. Size of the bird is 12 x 15 x 6,5 cm. Bird is safely packaged for shipping.

Gannets are very common nesting birds in Iceland. In the winter the Gannet flies to the coasts of Europe, but there is a small part of the population that stays on the sea south of Iceland. The Northern Gannet is a seabird and stays out on the open sea but stays on land while the nesting season lasts from April to May. It is the biggest seabird in Europe with wing span from 170-180 cm and the bird itself is about 90-100 cm long. Gannets are monogamous birds and are faithful to their nesting place.

To order this bird contact Rósa at this email: rosa@gallerisnaeros.is