Amanda Lim

June 29, 2017.

Posted by Nisa Nur Sayan.

Lim Yen Mei Amanda, June 2017

Amanda Lim is a visual artist from Singapore who stayed with us for the month of June 2017. Her creative interests are in the exploration of political, social and cultural issues, which form personal interpretation, through lived experiences and influences. Her experimental works are often creative documentations that lead to  interaction and conversations around issues.

Here at the Fish Factory this deloped through the continuation of work that was started in Singapore, as a response to consumer culture, and an experiment of social interaction with purchasing ´something´, whilst also purchasing ´nothing´.  The creative focus being bags of air from Singapore, to see how consumers would respond.

Amanda Lim // Live a Full Life 

Amanda sold her ‘Live a Full Life’ air bags in locations around Stöðvarfjörður, and will return to singapore with air from Iceland, to compare public engagement in both locations.

Amanda Lim // Live a Full Life

//More of Amanda’s artwork//

Check out the interview about her stay here:

Thank you, Amanda!