Emma Johnson

September 1, 2017.

Posted by Jessica Woodrow.

Emma Johnson // July - August 2017
Emma Johnson // July – August 2017

Emma is a multidisciplinary artist from Malta, who has been living in America, and most recently, in London, England. She joined us here at the Factory for the months of July and August 2017.

In coming to Iceland, Emma followed a growth in her consciousness, that stemmed from an encounter with a humpback whale in America. After moving to London, and being distanced with the waters that surround us, it was time to return to the seas, and to respond to the harsh and wonderful extremes in the natural world.

A dominant focus in Emma’s work, was a practice of writing, a medium which she has recently reclaimed as creative expression. However, during her stay in Stöðvarfjördur, an unexpected and spontaneous focus was in video, and the creation of a looping series of footage of the waves and moving waters here in the fjord.

This triggered an interest and reference to faith and belief; transpiring into an installation piece at the old church here in the town, where the video was played on repeat, and was open to the interpretation and time-frame of the viewer.

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Thank you, Emma!