Ann-Ci Lifmark

November 1, 2017.

Posted by Jessica Woodrow.

Ann-Ci Lifmark // October, 2017
Ann-Ci Lifmark // October, 2017

Ann-Ci is an artist from Sweden who picked up painting around 10 years ago. It was a new found passion, which led her to meet with other artists, to learn drawing and painting techniques, and since then has exhibited her own work.

This year, Ann-Ci’s focus was towards a time of personal study and exploration. She had noticed that, for individuals who have attended art schools and colleges, there is a period of exploration, where the artist can  discover the boundaries of their process and work, more fully understanding who they are as an artist. For this reason, she joined us here in October.

Previous Works // Ann-Ci Lifmark

Ann-Ci arrived by ferry to Iceland, 14 days before her residency began; taking this time to experience the landscape and to draw inspiration from the nature. What she found, was unlike the Iceland she had expected, in the varied colour palette. This was really a definitive discovery in Ann-Ci’s working process, and she spent many hours walking, and observing, to build  up a new and documented colour palette for use in later works.

Fish Factory Work // Ann-Ci Lifmark

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Thank you, Ann-Ci!