Ben Frimet

November 1, 2017.

Posted by Jessica Woodrow.

Ben Frimet // October, 2017
Ben Frimet // October, 2017

Ben Frimet is an artist and teacher from London, England, who joined us for the month of October 2017. While here he was taken by the amount of tour packages available for visitors to Iceland. This felt quite manufactured when joined with the wild nature and landscape, and so provided a topic of interest for his stay at the Fish Factory.

Ben’s focus is often based around humorous response to social norms and behaviours, that when taken out of context, seem questionable and strange. With this considered, Ben’s work here in Stöðvarfjörður, became the construction of his own tour company, ‘þór’s tours’ that offered a new perspective on the wonders of Iceland. A history, through the eyes of a visitor.

 þór’s Tours // Ben Frimet, 2017

The first and possibly last ever þór’s Tour included;

– Introduction to Icelandic weather and how to change it’s state
– Stöðvarfjörður National Park
– Power of rocks and fire in east Iceland
– Farming and local disputes in Stöðvarfjörður
– Fertile soil and revolutionary sheep
– Iceland’s 4th and 5th smallest waterfalls
– primal screaming at Saxa

//More of Ben’s Artwork// 

Check out the interview here:

Thank you, Ben!