Nidea Henriques

November 1, 2017.

Posted by Jessica Woodrow.

Nidea Henriques // October, 2017
Nidea Henriques // October, 2017

Nidea is a Portuguese artist from Switzerland, who works as a stage and lighting designer, with a passion for creating in many forms, and personally focussing on writing in recent years. Residency here in Stöðvarfjörður, gave Nidea the time and space to focus on the theme of ‘identity’, as fuel for her first personal monologue, which greatly benefitted from time within the multi-cultural setting of the Fish Factory.

In exploring what we are made of, viewed through the filter of our past, experiences, families & origins, Nidea widened her perspectives of the ‘mechanisms of identity’, and through her writing, aims to express the person that ‘we all are’, regardless of our personal context. Defining what is common between us.

In this research, it became clear that there is no easy or finite way to express identity, and so the monologue became a conversation, in exploring psychological theories and their relation to daily stories and experiences. Overall, concluding that thinking too much about what is that defines us, is not allowing us to live in the moment.

“we have to re-invent, re-birth, every day”

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Thank you, Nidea!