Adrian & Sue Hunter

December 1, 2017.

Posted by Jessica Woodrow.

Adrian Hunter // November, 2017
Adrian Hunter // November, 2017

Adrian and Sue Hunter are artists and teachers from Australia, who joined us for the month of November, in 2017, to spend time focussing on their personal painting mediums, both involved with depiction of landscape, in varying formats. Their time at the fish factory was spent working on this practice, and experimenting with printing, of natural materials and textures, such as kelp, collected form the shore line.

After some time in China, Adrian began to use the square format in compositional studies of landscape as an interpretation of human emotion. Focussing on water in motion, light, and atmosphere. Adrian set a target for himself whilst here at the Fish Factory, to produce a daily composition of the landscape that he has encountered during his time exploring the nature of the fjord and surroundings.

Landscape Composition // Adrian Hunter, 2017

Alternatively, Sue’s practice is related more to the immediacy of experience and observation. Her work branches into the study of landscape in relation to culture, and how community adapts, resulting in experimental and reflective windows into personal experience, with nature and community.

Observational Works // Sue Hunter, 2017

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Thank you, Adrian & Sue!