Alfredo Esparza

December 1, 2017.

Posted by Jessica Woodrow.

Alfredo Esparza // October - November, 2017
Alfredo Esparza // October – November, 2017

Alfredo is an artist from Torreón, Mexico, who joined us at the Fish Factory in October and November, after some months working at other residencies across Iceland. During his time he continued an extended work, on the relationship between environment, culture, and landscape.

Alfredo’s practice aims to visualise ‘borderline spots between civilization and nature, spaces with human incidence in them, but that seem to be negotiating all the time, their permanence within the environment’. 

This transpired, in Stöðvarfjörður, to a series and documentation of the houses and buildings within the town, set out in such a way, as one might compose human portraiture. The key, and only feature, being mans incidence within the landscape.

Selected Works from Casa Series // Alfredo Esparza, 2017

As part of this practice, Alfredo enjoyed communication with local people in the town, and explored deeper into the characteristics of the human connection to nature, and local culture in the East fjords.

Birgir // Alfredo Esparza, 2017

Birgir // Alfredo Esparza, 2017

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Thank you & see you again, Alfredo!