Chloe Jane Hambleton

May 27, 2019.

Posted by Paulina Walas.


Chloe Jane Hambleton // May 2019

Chloe Jane Hambleton is an artist, dancer and filmmaker from Brisbane, Australia. She arrived at Fish Factory with the beginning of summer in May 2019.


Chloe Jane Hambleton // May 2019

Chloe creates unique movements based on emotions, places and encountered people. During her stay with us, Chloe was working on a site-specific film project, that involved creating the movement language deeply connected to the surroundings. The project led her to the strange story line up, in the other part of the world, the northern hemisphere, Chloe, found herself strongly connected to her childhood self.


Chloe Jane Hambleton // May 2019

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Thank you, Chloe!