Bailey Glass

June 17, 2019.

Posted by Paulina Walas.

Bailey Glass // May - June 2019
Bailey Glass // May – June 2019

Bailey Glass is an American visual artist based in Charlotte, North Carolina. She arrived at Fish Factory with the beginning of May 2019. Coming to Iceland Bailey´s original plan was to focus on creating a new body of work. During her stay she worked on several projects, in May, focusing on astrology, Bailey created a series of small paintings on paper, including the maps of constellations visible above Stöðvarfjörður. She also completed a mural at the Factory´s entrance. In the second month of her stay, Bailey´s interests shifted towards the topic of death and travels of our souls, she also focused more on femininity and the power of women and their bodies, while experimenting with ceramics.

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Thank you, Bailey!