Paul Simon Heyduck

June 17, 2019.

Posted by Paulina Walas.

Paul Heyduck // April – June 2019

Paul Simon Heyduck is a visual artist from Germany. Paul stayed at the Creative Centre for three months starting in April 2019. In the past years, Paul´s artistic practice was focused on installation and sculpture. Paul in his artistic practice uses different mediums and materials, however, during his stay in Iceland, he focused mostly on working with ceramics. Coming to Fish Factory, while doing his research Paul learnt that most of the ceramic materials are imported from Denmark and Germany. That made him decide to develop materials made out of local resources. After all, Iceland is a volcanic island, where almost everything reaches the melting point, that makes sense in a ceramic context. As a result, he developed a beautiful pallet of glazes, which were happily used by the other artists as well. Paul also got absorbed by nature and spent endless hours hiking to all of the tallest peaks of Stöðvarfjörður´s mountains.

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Thank you, Paul!