Andrew Ihamaki

August 6, 2019.

Posted by Assi Piironen.

Andrew Ihamaki // July 2019

Andrew Ihamaki is a visual artist and writer from Canada. Andrew stayed at the Fish Factory – Creative Centre of Stöðvarfjöður for one month in July 2019. Andrew came to Fish Factory art residency to take a break from his everyday life and centre his energy for artwork. He wanted to find a peaceful place that would allow him to focus on writing the first draft of his novel. He was also going to produce small-scale paintings, as a part of his regular artistic process. As a short storyteller, he was inspired by stories of trolls and other Icelandic mythology characters. He fell in love with the beautiful landscapes around the east fjords. During his residency time, he created watercolour paintings inspired by those mountain views. It was one of the most exciting things for Andrew to be able to explore the remarkable landscapes, which Iceland has to offer.

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Thank you, Andrew!