Galadriel Gonzalez Romero

August 6, 2019.

Posted by Assi Piironen.

Gala pic

Galadriel Gonzalez Romero// May – July 2019

Galadriel Gonzalez Romero is a visual artist from Spain and Kenya, who spent three months in the Fish Factory- Creative Centre. With her artwork she mainly uses photography, but currently she started experimenting textiles. She prefers to use local materials, which are reflecting the culture, mythology and natural landscapes depending on, where she is working at the moment. During her visit to Iceland, she was interested in moss, which you can find everywhere. There are many different species of moss and respect towards it. It´s protected in unique areas with lava-rock environment, where the moss becomes fragile. While making her artwork, she was using Icelandic wool, made from the local sheep wool. She was re-creating patterns and textures that the moss does to her textile rock. Gala also learnt, how to knit with traditional style. She knitted a woollen sweater from scratch and covered it with moss patterns. She documented her work progress by photographing.


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Thank you, Galadriel!