Mei Yin Wong

November 6, 2019.

Posted by Assi Piironen.

Wong Mei Yin Hazel  // October 2019
Wong Mei Yin Hazel was born and raised in Hong Kong, graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts (HKBU) in 2015. She works mostly with painting and independent publication. Mei Yin´s works are all about the relationship between humans and the cityscape or landscape. “FreetoberHK 2019“, is a challenge inspired by the Inktober (Ink+October) challenge invented by Jake Parker. Participants draw a picture every day in October according to the official or non-prompt list. FreetoberHK provided 31 topics that are related to the situation of Hong Kong to create a Hongkonger version of “Inktober”.
Please stand with Hong Kong, fight for freedom.

//More of Mei Yin´s work//