Anna Zadra

August 11, 2021.

Posted by Monika Plemen.

Anna Zadra // June 2021

Anna Zadra is an Austrian conceptional artist and stage designer. After studying theatre-, film- and media studies at Vienna University, she completed her studies at the University of Mozarteum Salzburg with a stage- and exhibition design diploma. Her work revolves around the relationship between humankind and its surroundings. While focussing on man’s location in space, she tries to collect and display its materialistic and haptic aspects in her artistic research.


Anna’s studio work process, though thoroughly backed with research in literature and applied science, is highly immanent. Materials derived from the surroundings of her current workplace form the base of her artwork. She then enhances her conceptual and artistic work by experimenting with different materials and media and adds her personal perception of the space surrounding her. Anna characterizes her work by playing with spacial dimensions and adding a high level of materiality and meticulous precision to it.

During her residency at the Fish Factory Anna tried to grasp the relationship Icelanders have with their nature. While observing their behavior and lifestyle within the exceptional landscape of Iceland, Anna tried to gain consciousness for all living things around her. She went on several hikes in the surrounding mountains in order to experience the natural forces that work on the island with her own body. Her experiences in Iceland have fuelled her interdisciplinary research and enhanced her inspiration for her Ph.D. studies subject “The exhaustion of space in the area of the Anthropocene”.

Thank you, Anna! :)

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