Simona Ledl

October 18, 2021.

Posted by Monika Plemen.

Simona Ledl // September 2021
Simona Ledl // September 2021

Simona Ledl aka Mona L is a visual artist, working and living in Salzburg (Austria). In her works, she deals above all with the topics of connectedness and multi-layeredness, as well as the complexity associated with them. Being in touch with nature and getting inspired by the energy coming from it plays an important part in her working process.

Artist statement:

”I see art as a way of getting to know myself, others, and the world. I am particularly interested in the question of how certain environments and social situations are perceived from different perspectives:

Our existence is determined by various events. From birth to death, we live through moments of joy, sadness, becoming, and passing away. Every person relies on a value system that offers protection and promises order. This order influences the way we perceive the world in all its details.

During my stay in Stöðvarfjörður I engaged with the concept of common ground. Drawing on the sensation of the individual, I establish a connection between people’s interpretations of photographs I made here in Iceland, thus creating an image of collective perception. Based on interviews I created digital artworks that combine people’s individual perspectives. Those digital works have likewise served me as a basis for further experiments with multicolour linocut printing. It has been a wonderful and exciting journey full of extraordinary treats for my spirit of discovery and adventure.”

Thank you, Simona! :)

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