Benjamin Whitney Buhl

August 9, 2016.

Posted by janulis.


Benjamin Whitney Buhl

Benjamin Whitney Buhl is a third–year MFA program student at University of South Florida, USA, specialises in Multidisciplinary program in found object sculpting. Ben choose our Factory for Residency because of, as he says ‘Vibe’ – he was feeling really fitting in our ‘always in progress’ mood.

‘The less distractions – the better for the residency’ he says. This is why Iceland was a good country to book residency in – just silence in artistic chaos. Ben was getting energy from fjord’s mountains that surround residency and getting greener and greener everyday he stayed here. The endless openness of Atlantic Ocean at the end of the fjord was one of the ‘extremely intensely beautiful’ things that Ben did not expect before his arrival..

Full story from Ben’s lips in interview bellow:

Thank you Ben!