Billie Zizi

March 3, 2017.

Posted by Nisa Nur Sayan.

Billie 2
Billie Zizi, January 2017

Billie Zizi is a Musician & Artist from Canada and she has been staying with us in the Private Studio for the month of January. Billie has been writing new music for her album and filling the Centre with warm tunes. Her sound is a heady mix of dirty, soulful, indie jazz pop, and these tracks give off serious bedroom vibes. You can get a  taste of Billies music here. Billie is also a talented Artist and during her stay, she has been making some beautifully coloured drawings and paintings on paper.

Dark Marcy; Sacha Ratcliffe, Billie Zizi, Marina Shaltout, Brynja Bjarnadóttir & Nicole Pedersen


Billie is also a member of the band Dark Marcy which she formed with the other visiting Artist & Musicians at the Centre. Dark Marcy performed a couple of concerts at the Centre and where very well received. Dark Marcy has a facebook page worth visiting.

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Check out the interview about her stay here:


Thank You Billie!