March 2, 2017.

Posted by Una Sigurðardóttir.

FETA 76-A, a Discrete JFET Compression Amplifier

The FETA may not seem like the king of cheeses, but this thing really wins in the flavour competition amongst solid-state compressors. Based on the renowned UREI 1176-Rev.A this device gives all the aggression and artifacts of the original with some handy added features that make it easier to use. Two independent but linkable compressors in one 2U case gives big space saving with a huge uncompromised sound.

  • Fully Discrete Class-A signal path with no op-amps involved
  • Large adjacent VU meters to monitor Gain Reduction or Output level
  • Rugged Bourns T-Pad input attenuators & Alpha pots throughout
  • Hand-selected transistors throughout, stereo matched for gain
  • Fully independant power supplies with common power transformer
  • Gain Reduction defeatable to allow for colouring of the signal without compression
  • Transformer-balanced inputs and outputs (XLR) using Cinemag and Anderson Iron
  • 2U standard 19 inch rack case, 300mm deep
  • Laser-cut black plexiglass panel with white painted engravings
  • *With optional RCA knobs as seen on photos

Please contact Vinny regarding the latest pricing and customised options for this product.

Feta 76-A