Nicole Pedersen

March 27, 2017.

Posted by Nisa Nur Sayan.

Nicole Pedersen, February 2017

Nicole Pedersen is a sound artist and a visual artist from Denmark and she has been staying with us during January and February 2017. Before her residency, she travelled to south-east Asia and was inspired by their cultural heritage. Her project was to create objects that had references to historical relics and archaeological finds and temples that represent a history of lost civilisations.

Artwork by Nicole Pedersen, February 2017

Furthermore, she is interested in science fiction and artificial intelligence, outer space and life on distant planets. In Stodvarfjordur she constructed a number of fake historic relics that implies an extinct existence, thus creating an artificial history of a civilisation or intelligence that has never been. She was very inspired by the rural and other worldly scenery of Iceland during her residency here and she worked on various objects with different materials such as electronic lights and different kind of metals. Also, she started to create various objects from clay in the ceramic workshop, which helped her to get into the right frame of her mind for her project!

Artwork by Nicole Pedersen, February 2017

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Thank You, Nicole!