The Black Bottle

March 2, 2017.

Posted by Una Sigurðardóttir.

Black Bottle
Black Bottle
The Black Bottle, a Thermionic Compression Amplifier

A rare variation of Vari-Mu Compression Amplifier using vintage black metal tubes from the 1950s era made by RCA, which are hand selected. Largely inspired by the infamous Federal AM864U US Navy Broadcast Limiter, with many additions and improvements. With oodles of gain and an aggressive non-feedback controlled 6SN7 output stage, this ancient-looking device is capable of wonderfully fat compression and meaty distortions in many flavours.

  • All-tube balanced signal path with sweet overdrive tones and harmonics when pushed
  • Max gain of 36dB, making it usable as a mic pre-amp/comp. on loud sources
  • Large vintage meter switchable between Gain Reduction and Output level-Stepped Attack & Release controls with times of 5-100ms & 0.1-2s respectively- 6-step Output Attenuator
  • Stereo Link switch for tying a pair of Black Bottle units together at their side chain
  • Transformer-balanced 600 ohm input and output on XLR sockets (output pre-loaded internally)
  • 3U standard 19 inch rack case, 230mm deep including tubes and transformer at the rear
  • Laser-cut black plexiglass panel with white and gold painted engravings

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The Black Bottle