The Green Mule

March 2, 2017.

Posted by Vinny Wood.

The Green Mule

This massive beast is our flagship tube compressor and he kicks as hard as the strongest horse! Two linkable channels of slick vari-mu tube compression using vintage tubes, Lundahl & Edcor transformers, with circuitry quite similar to the Altec 436 Compressor along with added improvements. A full 5U panel of controls leaves you with huge options for all sorts of dynamics control. Push it hard and you get subtle overdrives and nicely rounded waveforms!

  • All-tube balanced signal path with smooth overdrive tones and harmonics when pushed (more controlled than the Black Bottle due to negative feedback in the output stages)
  • Large vintage meters for Gain Reduction & mini meters for Input/Output level
  • Attack & Release controls with times of 4-120ms & 0.1-2s respectively
  • Thump switch gives slower attack curve and Dual Rel. switch doubles the release time
  • 6-step Sidechain High-Pass Filter for bass-heavy material
  • Stepped Output Attenuators
  • Stereo Link switch for use on a stereo buss (Ch.A Attack & Release become master)
  • Transformer-balanced 600 ohm inputs and outputs on XLR sockets (outputs pre-loaded internally)
  • 5U standard 19 inch rack case, 250mm deep including transformers at the rear
  • Laser-cut green plexiglass panel with white painted engravings
  • Optional panel backlight for live/FOH use
  • Optional fast-acting “Transient Eye™” tube meters for input/output monitoring
  • Fully stepped control version also available for easy recall

Please contact Vinny regarding the latest pricing and customised options for this product.

Transient Eye-01

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