Anne Weber & Daniel Foerster

May 22, 2017.

Posted by Nisa Nur Sayan.

Anne Weber & Daniel Foerster, March 2017

Anne Weber and Daniel Foerster are artists from Germany who stayed with us one month in March 2017. Anne is a theater player and Daniel is a director. They were in collaboration during their stay. They have been working for multi-sensual video and performance installation with texts, sound records and photos by inspiration of Iceland.

Anne Weber & Daniel Foerster’s Video Installation in the Fish Factory Creative Centre, March 2017

Firstly, They started to build a cage in the factory according to texts and photos. Then, Daniel started to make Anne’s videos around the local place. They worked in the hard winter conditions and used various places, materials in the water and snow. It provides the strong view of their video as well as the cage and the other materials. Eventually, Anne & Daniel made video installation at the end of their stay in here. You can find the video installation and their interview below.

Video Installation:

//More of Anne’s & Daniel’s Artwork//

Check out the interview about their stay here:

Thank you, Anne & Daniel!