Aggie Toppins

June 29, 2017.

Posted by Nisa Nur Sayan.

Aggie Toppins, June 2017

Aggie Toppins is a Graphic Designer and educator from the USA, who stayed with us for the month of June 2017. Aggie is the principal of  The Offical Studio, a practice which works with small businesses and nonprofit organizations on the development of branding though digital & print mediums. Aside from this, she is also the founder of the Unoffical Press, as a an outlet of independent studio work, including projects that utilise forms of graphic design in connecting and engaging with culture.

Aggie Toppins // Palimpsests

Aggie has been working on a continual collage series of ´Palimpsests´, that gather the index of global locations, and offer a window into the steps that are traced through personal narrative, and records of travels. These are open-ended works that offer personal significance, whilst leaving room for multiple interpretations and meanings.

Aggie Toppins // Cyanotype Prints

While here, Aggie has also been experimenting with a new medium, of cyanotype prints; this involving a light sensitive process, inspired by the 24 hour sunlight here in Stöðvarfjördur. The outcome highlights key themes of transition and the tracing of movement, though that which is ´present on the page, and absent. A thing that was there, and a thing that is there.´ Aggie has enjoyed this explorative practice and hopes to integrate the process into future work.

//More of Aggie’s Artwork//

Check out the interview about her stay here:

Thank you, Aggie!