Cara Levine

June 25, 2017.

Posted by Nisa Nur Sayan.

Cara Levine, May 2017

Cara Levine is a visual artist from the USA who stayed with us one month in May 2017. Cara explores empathy and absence and working across sculpture, photography and video. The absence of the body, be it through its physicality, perceptual sensitivity or language, is often the quality most present in her work. Her work also explores mutliple intersections of the pyhsical, metaphysical, traumatic, illusionary and playful.

Artwork by Cara Levine, May 2017

During her stay in the Creative Centre, Cara has been working through a few streams of work. Her primary interest has been in working with the descendants of Petra, the local stone collector and founder of Steinasafn Petru in Stödvarfjördur. Then she interviewed and took portraits of 3 generations of women who now care – take the collection. Her interviews are being woven together with video footage of the stones from the collection shot on set in the Fish Factory.

Cara also was able to make sculptural objects in relationship to many of the stones in the collection as well as of her own finding. She worked on a driftwood – carving project, carving mouth and ear into separate pieces of wood as emblematic of the Norse mythology about the creation of man by the God’s Oding, Vali and Ve, the carver. The final stream of work she made at the Fish Factory were a collection of short videos and images of her body engaging with the landscape through gestural movements. For more information about her artwork you can check her website in below!

//More of Cara’s Artwork//

Thank you, Cara!