Eira Enkvist

June 19, 2017.

Posted by Nisa Nur Sayan.

Eira Enkvist, April 2017

Eira Enkvist is a visual artist from Finland who stayed with us one month in April 2017. She born in 1986 from Finland. She studied at Novia in Nykarleby, Finland, for her Bachelor. After that she moved to Ghent, Belgium, for her Master of Arts at KASK. At KASK her art developed more to video art. After her Master she moved back to Finland to work as a teacher in Fine Arts on high school level for two years. In Finland she also became active in the artists association Rajataidery. From January 2013 she got elected second chairman, and in January 2014 the chairman of Rajataidery. In the spring/summer 2014 she was also the gallery coordinator for Rajataidery in gallery Rajatila.

She mainly works on video art with what she experience and subjects which she researchs and she combines with installations. The works can sometimes be videos like paintings, but mostly they are longer projects in the genre of Expanded Documentary. Interviews and reality are the bottom for her work.

You can find two different previous projects of her. ”FLAIRCK” is musical project and ” Felix Around the World” is about a young man’s three-year travel around the world. He traveled in an ecological way and three years ago, she started one week with him by bike and she joined one week by foot.

During her stay in residency, She has been working on a project with the working title ” good and bad ” and it refers to the vision of black and white or good and evil. She borrows words of a well known author, George R. R Martin ” in real life, the hardest aspect of the battle good and evils is determining which is which ” to explain her project’s subject. She interviewed with people on the subject and their personal views. Then she blended all these on videos. The people interviewed partly was locals and contain people with professions as judges, teachers, police and also the people who committed crimes etc. Her aim is to be able to present different perspectives within one society. After all she build video work that may contradict and confirm itself, depending on the interview results. Then she continue with more interviews her project in Reykjavik at the and of April 2017 and her project continues still in progress. You can find about her artworks and projects in her websites and in the interview below!

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Check out the interview about her stay here:

Thank You, Eira!