Kimi Tayler

June 19, 2017.

Posted by Nisa Nur Sayan.

Kimi Tayler, May 2017

Kimi Tayler is a visual artist from the UK who stayed with us four month between February and May 2017. She is an artist with an interest in themes surrounding human relationships- in particular those of connection and disconnection. Living and working in London, much of previous work has been about isolation in a bustling city environment- so she chose to come to the Fish Factory for an extended residency of 4 months, in order to experience being part of a community in an isolated location.

Kimi is an artist who’s practice is and has been firmly rooted in drawing- using it as a direct tool for translating the experience of what she see’s and feels. However, during her time at the Fish Factory she used the space and time to process her experience in a multi-disciplinary way. She spent her first two months exploring Icelandic folk tales, the landscape, and transient relationships.

Like many artists, Kimi became drawn to the stones and minerals in Stodvarfjordur and this informed a larger body of work. Inspired by Petra’s Stone Collection, she found her own collection and explored them through drawings, prints and photography. This culminated in the building of performative objects inspired by the rocks of Austerland, as a means of better understand her own connection to her location.

The objects were then worn in a form that is performative, playful and active within the landscape that inspired them, by the community they became a part of. They also project endearing an amusing qualities in the undertaking mundane tasks. This is an ongoing project that Kimi plans to develop further.

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Thank you, Kimi!