Mara Colecchia

June 29, 2017.

Posted by Nisa Nur Sayan.

Mara Colecchia, May 2017

Mara Colecchia is an Italian artist from the USA who stayed with us one month in May 2017. She born in Italy in 1976 where she graduated in Rome at the European Institute of Design in 1999. She worked locally in the animation industry as an animator and successively as a writed till 2009 when she moved to Los Angeles, CA, to attend a 1 year screenwriting class at”The New York Film Academy” (NYFA). She made 23 collective exhibitions between 2013 and 2016.

Artwork by Mara Colecchia, May 2017
Maracole’s work is deeply informed by surrealistic caprice and central Italian simplicity. Whether working at small or large scale sculptures, wearable art or street-art installations, her pieces are a chorus of whimsy, wit and devilish transgression. Maracole’s clever yet ingenious charade reflects the universal fantasy and she pulls it off with a combination of innocence and ambiguity. Her sculptures and wearable art represent a different temperament, one that draws heavily from her extensive background in animation and children’s literature. Here we see compelling narrative threads that treat design as a teller of Boccaccio-like tales.
Artwork by Mara Colecchia, May 2017

Specifically, Maracole represents wigs, hats and other objects of embellishment and camouflage as if they were authentic antiquities. This too is rooted in her Italian provenance where an intimate connection to archaeological remains is a national characteristic. But with that love of the distant past comes the melancholy of dislocation. Every piece of art designed by Maracole is an emblematic representation of a personal struggle to adapt to a fast-changing world, despite of a profound sense of loss.

During her stay in Iceland, Mara interested in an Icelandic texture culture and pictures on Icelandic Kronas. That’s why she collaborated with Rosa about it and she found a special book and fabrics and it opened a new field to her project. She started to do plan and drawings and then it continued with hand stitches in progress. Eventually, Mara created three hats during her stay and she combined them with her special creation jewellery nose. You can find more detail about her project and artwork in the interview below!

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Thank you, Mara!