Yasser Vayani

June 19, 2017.

Posted by Nisa Nur Sayan.

Yasser Vayani, April 2017

Yasser Vayani is a visual artist from Pakistan who stayed with us one month in April 2017. He has been living in Pakistan for 12 years. His purpose of the stay in residency was to make more connections with people, only through art and objects which he can find out more about others and himself.

Artworks by Yasser Vayani, April 2017

At the beginning of his project, he started to collaboration with the communities around here by taking short interviews and he created dialogue between the people and their spaces. He also took and borrowed objects from people and their surrounding areas. Then his project continued with drawing practices in progress between the objects and owners of objects’ stories. It opened a new field of his project which he explored to homes, places and different kind of life style which belong to the owners of objects and he blended all these on drawings. You can find more information about his project in the interview below!

//More of Yasser’s Artwork//


Check out the interview about his stay here:

Thank You, Yasser!