Anna Choutova

October 1, 2017.

Posted by Jessica Woodrow.

Anna Choutova // September 2017
Anna Choutova // September 2017

Anna Choutova is a visual artist and curator who first joined us for residency at the Fish Factory in September 2016 and has just returned for the month of September 2017, in our private studio.

Anna has a fascination with fake, and a lot of her practice is devoted to concepts of consumerism, and the way that every day objects, seemingly mundane, are abstracted, re-packaged, and sold back to us, in rose-tinted vacuum pack. Here at the fish factory, Anna delved into a new realm, of testing how deeply engrained iconic brands are, within our own psyche, and would like to push this further in returning back to London.

Anna Choutova // Fish Factory Works

Aside from a focus on consumerism, Anna took some time whilst here in Stöðvarfjörður, for self-reflection and processing, which can become impossible when in the city, surrounded by constant noise and sensory stimulant. Anna documented this experience through the development of comical, illustrated books, such as a guide to normality; breaking the barrier between the artist and the viewer, through honesty and openness.

Anna Choutova // Self Portrait with Mountains

Anna Choutova // Self Portrait with Mountains 

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Check out the interview about her stay here:

Thank you, Anna!