Julia DePinto

February 21, 2018.

Posted by Julia Kukkonen.


Julia DePinto is a visual artist from Ohio, United States and she stayed here at the Fish Factory for January 2018. Her background as an artist is in printmaking but she doesn’t consider herself as a traditional printmaker, and in fact, she is rather working against the stereotypes of the medium. Julia’s work has a heavy focus on the process of printmaking, she doesn’t work in editions, and materiality/immateriality and control/lack of control play important roles in her prints.

Most of her artworks and prints are photo-based and they stem from performances she makes for the camera. Her body and politics of female body are present in her works. She uses her body as a conduit for contextualizing social and political dialogue, autobiographical experiences, collective injustices, and the societal structures placed on women.

At Fish Factory Julia wanted to challenge herself and not work in a familiarity of a print shop. She worked on a series of digital photographs and drawings, made an installation to the Factory’s attic, and made her first performance with an audience.

Julia DePinto’s selected drawings and photos of her installation and performance work done while at the residency.

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