Rebeca Bonjour

April 23, 2018.

Posted by Julia Kukkonen.


Rebeca Bonjour // March 2018.

Rebeca Bonjour is a photographer from Lisbon, Portugal who joined us here at the Fish Factory for March 2018. Rebeca has studied both, journalism and photography and although most of her work being photographs, also the background in journalism has a big influence on her ways of working. She tends to do pervasive research about the topics she’s working with, and likes to work with people interviewing and photographing them.

In general, Rebeca works with identity related issues. She is interested in making photographic series about the identities of different places, of groups of people or individuals. Rebeca came to Iceland to make a project about the hidden people of Icelandic folklore. She did a lot of research on the stories and myths before coming to the country. And before coming to finish the project at the Fish Factory, she visited the elf town Hafnarfjörður and even attended the elf school for a day.

BOR18_IS_Hafnarfjordur (585)_Fishfactory-

BOR18_IS_hafnarfjordur (739)_Fishfactory-

Photographs from Rebeca’s project, taken in Stöðvarfjörður and Hafnarfjörður. // March 2018.


//More of Rebeca’s Work//

Check out the interview here:

Thank you, Rebeca!