Beatrice Magalotti

June 29, 2018.

Posted by Julia Kukkonen.

Beatrice is an artist from Melbourne, Australia who joined us here at the Fish Factory in May and June 2018. She is an interdisciplinary artist but mostly focuses on sculptures.

During her stay, Beatrice created numerous wax castings from reindeer antlers which she combined into figurative sculptures. The wax sculptures Beatrice will transfer into bronze castings once she is back in Australia. Beatrice was inspired by Norse mythology, f.x. Valkyries, as well as different shapes in nature, which she modifies and plays with. Beatrice also made printed artworks from her embroidered landscape images of the magical mountains.


Beatrice Magalotti // May – June 2018.

Check out the interview here:

//More of Beatrice’s Work//

Thank you, Beatrice!