Garðar Eðvaldsson – jazz concert

June 14, 2018.

Posted by Julia Kukkonen.


On Saturday 9th of June, we hosted a jazz concert by saxophonist Garðar Eðvaldsson and his band here at the Fish Factory. The band was touring around Iceland and we were fortunate to host their fascinating concert in our concert hall.

The band plays original music that has been composed specifically for them. Icelandic Garðar has been studying in Basel for the past three years and will be finishing his BMus degree this summer. He has been studying under the great musicians of the New York scene today. Other members in the band are Swiss Tapiva Svosve and Xaver Rüegg playing alto saxophone and double-bass, and Phelan Burgoyne from the UK on drums.

Thank you Garðar and friends for a beautiful night!