Miriam Donohue

June 11, 2018.

Posted by Julia Kukkonen.


Miriam Donohue // May 2018.

Miriam is a singer-songwriter from Dublin, Ireland, who joined us here at the Fish Factory Creative Centre for May of 2018. Miriam made her first album two years ago and decided that it was about the time to compose a second one.

She came to Iceland open-minded, ready to get inspired by the country and the dramatic landscapes. This led to her collaborating with another artist-in-residence and she wrote a song about Iceland’s forgotten fisherwomen to accompany Jana Charl’s installation about the same subject. Miriam was happy about her productive time in here, and she made six songs just within two weeks she spent at the Creative Centre. We at the Factory got to enjoy her talent and beautiful voice on a mini-concert she played while in the residency.

The video documentation of the Forgotten Fisherwomen, the song by Miriam Donohue, installation and video by Jana Charl. // May 2018.

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Thank you, Miriam!