Monica Hunken

June 13, 2018.

Posted by Julia Kukkonen.


Monica Hunken // May 2018.

Monica is a performer, activist, and creative direct action teacher among many other things. She is based in New York, United States and joined us here at the Fish Factory for a month of May 2018 to focus on developing her new solo play.

Monica took over our concert hall for the month where she wrote and rehearsed her new play in which she weaves together events in her personal family history – particularly from her mother’s point of view – turns and twists of US politics since the 80’s and imaginary alternative life trajectories. The fantastical story includes espionage, dark humor, friendship and second chances and is filled with music from punk to Elvis and hip-hop, Monica wrote especially for the play.

At the end of her residency, Monica organized an open dress rehearsal and we at the Creative Centre got to enjoy her touching and funny story. Also, another artist in residence, Clint, was making his debut in the play as he collaborated with Monica as a technician, musician, and videomaker.


Photos from the dress rehearsal of Monica’s play performed in our concert hall. // All photographs by Jana Charl, May 2018.

//More of Monica’s Work//

Thank you, Monica!