Sybil Paulson

June 11, 2018.

Posted by Julia Kukkonen.


Sybil Paulson // May 2018.

Sybil Paulson is a nomad artist, who joined us here at the Fish Factory for the month of May 2018. She was born in Canada and has been more or less on the road ever since she turned 14. As her lifestyle also Sybil’s art is an organically swirling process and she moves smoothly from a medium to another. She is mostly based in drawing but also takes photographs, makes paintings and performative acts for a camera.

Coming to a residency in Iceland was an important cyclical finish for Sybil, as she was living in Iceland four years earlier trying to study art, but back then decided to do something else. Now that phase of doing something else has come to a sort of an end, and she will start at an art school later this year.

This is how Sybil writes about her art and process:

Sybil Paulson has learned many things. Some of them are about the wilderness, others about women and men. Very little about birds despite the time spent watching them.

She is Canadian and American. Sybil attended competitive ice hockey schools throughout her formative years and once shed a tear while flying over the state of Louisiana (following the last election) which unfolded on a motel television in Cuba, reported by an anchor wearing an eye patch and a fine suit. She has a strong love for the endless states of Mississippi and Lousiana.


A couple of artworks Sybil created while in the residency. // Photographs by Sybil Paulson May 2018.

//More of Sybil’s Work//

Check out the interview here:

Thank you, Sybil!