Rebecca Pempek

July 20, 2018.

Posted by Irmak Dönmez.

Rebecca Pempek //  July 2018

 Rebecca is a visual artist from the U.S who joined us here at the Fish Factory in July 2018. She works two-dimensionally; challenging the distinction between painting and drawing with mixed media works on paper.

While at the Fish Factory, she worked on a number of drawings/paintings and a wall mural in our factory.

She believes that today’s turbulent political climate yields tremendous cultural anxiety, with the new default state of the human condition ‘residing in turbulence’ or ‘reconciling turbulence.’ Rebecca’s cites her work as a reconciliation of this turbulence. Within this is an exploration of the movement between fantasy and reality.

She offers the words of author and illustrator, Maurice Sendak as significant to this body of work;

“there is no such thing as fantasy unrelated to reality”

Rebecca Pempek //  July 2018

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Thank you, Rebecca!