Deidre Cavazzi

October 5, 2018.

Posted by Irmak Dönmez.

Deidre Cavazzi // September 2018

Deidre Cavazzi is a multimedia choreographer from Southern California.  She spent September 2018 at the Fish Factory, where she gathered visual and textual material based on the relationship between landscape and folklore for a future performance project.

Deidre has always been passionate about collaborative projects that embrace and explore the relationship between art and science; she feels strongly that inquiry and creative investigation drive discovery and experimentation, and frequently engages with projects that are cross-disciplinary, non-traditional, and that bring together diverse communities.  She draws inspiration from scientific concepts—bringing environments to life onstage or in site-specific locations, and incorporating multimedia to transport the audience and evoke ideas.  In addition to collecting folk stories and exploring the geology of the East Fjords, Deidre kept a blog about her time in Iceland and also started developing a dance for camera piece, centered on gesture and textures, both in art-making and in the local landscape.

Deidre Cavazzi // September 2018

Deidre is a process artist and delights in the research, experimentation, dialogue and development of the community that occurs between the seed of an idea and the final curtain call onstage.  Whether she is exploring concepts of quantum physics, Fibonacci numbers in nature, climate change in the Arctic, or the geology of Iceland, she strives to initiate collaboration with experts in related fields, hopefully inspiring audiences to learn more; she is interested in creating art which serves as a catalyst for conversation, knowledge and connection to the natural world.

Deidre Cavazzi // September 2018

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