Courtney Powell

November 1, 2018.

Posted by Irmak Dönmez.

Courtney Powell // October 2018

Courtney Powell is a Canadian artist, based out of Vancouver, BC, and was with us for October 2018.  She is a muralist and painter, and obtained her BFA from York University.

During her residency, Courtney created a mural featuring Iceland’s national flower, mountain avens, and two of its birds, the arctic tern and heiðlóa. She named the arctic tern ‘Maple’ and the heiðlóa ‘Tuque’ to add a Canadian touch.

Courtney is particularly attracted to dreamy landscapes and characters. A large part of Courtney’s work plays with the idea of transparency and layers. She is currently exploring the idea of landscapes merged with photo editors and translating those images into a painting on canvas.


Courtney Powell // October 2018

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Thank you Courtney!