Irmak Dönmez

December 17, 2018.

Posted by Irmak Dönmez.

Irmak Donmez // July-December

Irmak Donmez is a visual artist from Istanbul, Turkey and she joined the factory team as an intern in the heights of summer in July 2018.She stayed with us into the snowfall of December.
She helped us with residencies office work, artist interviews, petting the plants and running the residencies social media.
During her stay, she enjoyed spending quality cuddling time with Tumi&Skotta, also she continued her art experiments in ceramics and drawings. She made a good collection of bones, skulls, seaweeds, corals from the shore.

Irmak is also phD candidate in art theory, mostly she focuses on living in a body and the human obliviousness towards their own organs mechanical functioning. Individuals go through their daily lives, blissfully unaware of the mechanics of organ systems, tucked away under their skin. She demands a change to that unconcerned existence.
In her art, she aims to make one aware of their own bodily functioning as well as to distort the human anatomy and the sexual, functional, emotional meaning projected onto it along with its pieces.


Irmak Donmez // July-December

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