Catie Dillon

May 22, 2019.

Posted by Paulina Walas.


Catie Dillon // March-May 2019

Catie Dillon is an American abstract painter, she came to the Fish Factory with the beginning of snowy March and stayed until the end of green May.

Catie Dillon // March-May 2019

During her residency stay, Catie was working on a series of paintings as a response to the landscape. She also worked in collage and ceramics aiming to bring her paintings to the third dimension. She was highly influenced by the layers of the landscape and colours of sunrises and sunsets which she was watching passionately. Catie stayed in Iceland in the time of transitions, from the very white and cold, nature changed her appearance towards the friendly and welcoming green with never-ending sunlight. Those transitions, as Catie describes, also had a very big impact on her work.


Catie Dillon // March-May 2019

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Thank you, Catie!