Maija Fox

August 9, 2019.

Posted by Assi Piironen.

Maija Fox // June & July 2019
Maija Fox // June & July 2019

Maija fox is a British visual artist who spent summer months June and July here at the Fish Factory – art residency. Maija’s work aims to address conscious observations to the places/spaces that she finds herself in. She works in mediums that become apparent through the process of being in the world; crafting site-specific companions; sculptural objects and devices, that encourage the act of paying attention to what’s happening when it’s happening; in this case, responding specifically to the experience and landscape of Stöðvarfjörður East Iceland. Here at the Fish Factory Maija has built a wind-powered device (a similar machoism to a pottery wheel, but the motion powered by the input of the wind). This interactive object creates an interface encouraging communication and engagement between Maija and the wind.

The sculpture was created with the intention to collaborate with the distinctive elements of this landscape, the interest and inspiration that came from the dynamic movement and unique forms that are so apparent in this landscape. The physical process of being in and spending time in the landscape, with the device enabled a deeper understanding and recognition of the perspective of the environment. The importance of ecological thinking and perception of all-encompassing equality in relation to all existence, the device, the wind, a mountain or another being. The work becoming a ritual occasion forcing a deeper understanding and awareness to the immediate environment. A focus on becoming more aligned to the present; in the present with the help of the elements that are already existing, with the aim to create a shared dialogue and narrative through the making of clay forms together. The device is active/live, it travels, deconstructs, the forming/device adapts fluidly as an automatic reaction to the power and movement of the wind.

Maija’s understanding and relationship with the elements are developed through the process of making, journeying, data collection and the activation of the sculpture/ device by her being present in the landscape. A big thank you to the Winds in and around Stöðvarfjörður for making this project happen, for teaching me about the shaping and motion of this landscape, and to the fish factory for the supporting of this project and donating recycled material for the construction of the device. Maija’s project funded by STEP European Cultural Foundation Labs, The Student Project Fund – Glasgow School of Art and The Mason Trust

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