Sunny Stanila

September 6, 2019.

Posted by Assi Piironen.

Sunny Stanila // August 2019
Sunny Stanila // August 2019

Sunny Stanila is an artist and experimental animation filmmaker living in Montreal, Canada. It was her first visit to Iceland and she spent the month of August here at the Fish Factory. Research played a big part of Sunny´s work, and it focused on non-linear abstract narrative experimental hand-drawn animation. She explores changeability and physicality of the materials and their manifestations into motion. Sunny is interested in using unpredictable materials like ink and watercolours. Her artwork unites colours, textures, motion and rhythm. In Sunny´s recent film, Desire on the Surface of the Skin, she used ink on paper. During her residency stay, she wanted to explore more of this kind of technique but mixing it with watercolours, pencil and dry pastels. Sunny creates both, image and a sound. Currently, she is working on a new film, and she used Studio Silo´s space to complete part´s of the recordings.

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