Sara Sonas

January 25, 2021.

Posted by Vid Levar.

Sara Sonas is a visual artist who explores materials in relation to their physicality and tactility.

When constructing works, she perceives herself as a receptor; interacting between her environmental and material surroundings while reflecting on existence, transience and our relationship to nature. Observing, analyzing and responding to daily life through dialogue with nature, she reinstates the concept of cyclicity, aiming to find balance and harmony within her work.

During her residency at Fish Factory in November 2020, Sara utilized the spaciousness of the Icelandic landscape to allow her to reflect on the subjects of time, patience and disappearance. Observing ice, she mapped and documented its forms, textures and transmutations through time, with each ice shard representing its own living and changing ‘territory’ for exploration.

Following the transformation of sturdiness towards fragility within the ice, she examined how those characteristics and forms correspond within a different natural material – clay.

Relating to the architectural environment, she juxtaposed our natural ‘landspaces’ – landscaped reliefs (the outdoors) and little corrugated houses (the indoors) by placing them in a micro-perspective, aiming to break the disillusionment that those two worlds are separate.

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Thank you, Sara! :)