Imogen Marsteller

July 22, 2021.

Posted by Vid Levar.

Imogen Marsteller // January - June 2021
Imogen Marsteller // January – June 2021

Imogen Marsteller is a British-American artist who expresses herself through photography, painting and drawing. She completed her BA in Studio Arts and Art and Architectural History at Sarah Lawrence College in New York and at the University of Edinburgh.

During her time at the Fish Factory, Imogen explored her many modes of creation – finding more connections between each way of making. Her work tends to focus on the exploration of friends and becoming friends with oneself, and all that entails. She references Art Historical compositions and color schemes within her works. In particular through painting and working with thread. This brings out an aesthetic interest focusing on line and contrast, thus fusing a graphic sensibility with a painterly one. She continued to explore the idea of monumental and painting further by using stitched lines and forms. She also used different shaped canvas, paper, or multiple pieces to create a quilt type of work – to further break down the body.


Artist Statement:

From, my early Pre-Raphaelite influence to my most recent interest in aspects of the Renaissance, the Baroque and Pop art, I have fused a graphic and painterly sensibility, as evidenced by my strong use of line, color and shade, with a visual focus on contemporary intimacy. My paintings and drawings use stoicism in restrained poses and monumentalism on an expanded scale. While my photography borders on the humorous and the serious, the commercial and the artistic. I use my painting to self-examine while I use my photography to distort through a surrealist lens, to capture female play through both my self-portraits and my depictions of others. All my mediums result in ennobling the lives of women and enriching my practice both figuratively and literally.

Thank you, Imogen! :)

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