Margarita Ivanova

April 21, 2022.

Posted by Nika Senica.

Margarita Ivanova // March 2022


Margarita was staying at our residency in the month of March where she took inspiration from seeing the Northern lights. Incorporating them into her artistic practice, she created painted works and a new mural on our factory wall.

“The Light is the tool that we need to find our life purpose and the Water is the formula for how to achieve it, how to live flexible, soft, strength, how to keep clean the environment in our simple daily home bases, body care and healthy nutrition routine. Be Light! Live like Water! Mar in Spanish means sea equivalent to water!”

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Mar´s art is all around her nickname and manifesto. The way she expresses it is by futuristic look artworks, abstract shapes, extraordinary colours, freedom and soft feminine touch. Mar’s purpose is to expand her art expression by showing visions that could be trendy on any planet of our mysterious Cosmos and to connect with the Aurora Borealis. Iceland has always been her dream visit.

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After the experience in the Creative Centre Fish Factory, her main conclusion is that our aura is more beautiful than our face! The project was shared online with an international project platform Gend-ity by AHP related to equality and the ability of everyone, no matter their gender, to achieve their purpose by being tuned with the light inside them and to feel the aura of the people appreciating their energy more than their physical appearance!

“The nature in Iceland definitely allowed me to re-find my strength, and confidence and realise even further how I can achieve my life purpose by the things I like and want to love carefully in life! The condition of the Fish Factory and the warm collective was one of my best inspirations!”

Margarita´s interview:


Thank you Mar! <3