Ayelet Merlino

May 18, 2022.

Posted by Nika Senica.

Ayelet Merlino // April 2022

Ayelet is an Israeli artist who came back to Iceland to rediscover her art form. Staying here in April, she embraced the Icelandic nature and made her own stone pigments to paint with.

I wanted to join the art residency to find my voice as an artist, a woman, and as a human in this world. Before coming here, I felt as if I was a fraud, not a real artist. I didn’t study art (besides my major in high school), I am not a professional artist either, and I didn’t create for a long time. I wanted to prove to myself I could do it.


Likewise, I chose to create my own pigments made out of stones, and minerals I foraged in nature. The process was long and so little material came out of it. It made me appreciate the work even further.

It took time for me to settle and realise what I wanted to paint, but it eventually clicked. Photography played a significant role in my day today. I took pictures of the ever-changing climate of East Iceland: the surrounding mountains, trees and the sea. It became my muse. I found my place with these amazing artists who accepted me as I am and as my art is. This experience taught me that I never had to find my voice in the first place, Just the courage to say – I am who I am and I’m an artist.

Thank you, Ayelet <3