Kendra Larson

June 23, 2022.

Posted by Nika Senica.

Kendra Larson // June 2022

Art professor and artist Kendra Larson spent a good two weeks with us in June where she was stunned by the ever-present daylight. This made her re-think the effects this has on her work as a studier of landscapes, nature and all things mystical. “The Sagas, ice, dramatic landscapes, and northern lights found in Iceland make it a good fit for me. Recently, I have been painting ice, fire, moths, and stars. I am intuitively drawn to these subjects. I hope to use my residency to hike and develop this imagery further, and explore its symbolism.”

At the Fish Factory, she focused her attention on both the conceptual and physical development of her art. The solitude and focus she experienced at the Fish Factory helped her better understand her affinity for such landscapes. Specifically, she created new paintings, tried marbling, and wrote daily journal entries. Hiking around the fjord and volunteering wherever she could also helped add depth to her work. Kendra engaged other artists to share as much as she shared herself.

Our interview with Kendra:

Thank you, Kendra! :)