Hatiye Garip

August 4, 2022.

Posted by Imogen Marsteller.


Hatiye Garip is an illustrator, comic artist and designer based in Istanbul. She likes to draw birds, flowers and ordinary moments. She is interested in visual storytelling, accessible illustrations and publications. In July, she spent her time at the Fish Factory to warm up for a new comic project.


“Recently, I’ve been working on sequential art from short stories to long stories. I try to make my comics accessible for blind and low vision readers. I started a new personal project called “Hidden People” (Working title) at the Fish Factory. The story is inspired by Icelandic folk tales. It tells a story of three hidden people and their double lives in comic book format. It’s in the draft stage for now, and it seems happy with it. The first finalised pages and ambient sounds will be displayed at a comic festival in October 2022 in Brno, Czech Republic.”


“Austurland (East Iceland) has given me very rare moments that I cannot experience anywhere else, like being at peace with doing nothing, having a bright mind without thinking about anything, living slowly and simply, sitting on a big rock and writing some dialogues for my story.”


“During my residency, I spent most of my time going on long walks, observing the environment and sketching for my project. I focused on writing my script, doing visual research, collecting texture samples with the help of Brenda and Alfredo, recording and editing natural sounds to use later for audio descriptions with Franklin’s support, and experimenting with screen printing to inspire my illustrations thanks to Gillian. Besides, I didn’t hesitate to add the naughty, curious and wise questions and conversations of Phoebe, Pauline and Shanya to my story. I would like to thank Vinny and Una for creating this lovely, inspiring space and everyone who has contributed to my short journey.”

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“As the locals of Stöðvarfjörður say, there are things we cannot see, and believing in them is as good as believing in ourselves.”


More of Hatiye’s work hatiyegarip.com  or on her instagram.com/hatiyegarip